So I decided I have to start sketching and painting more. Did you know, when I was still in uni, I painted a lot… and I sort of stopped for some reason, being uninspired or something, I don’t know. I think even though it’s already mid-to-late January, making more art will be another resolution for 2010.

Then I came across this flickr group (as seen on notebook doodles) and was totally inspired! I love drawing clothes… and I think it’s neat to document what you wear– I love seeing people’s photos, but these drawings made me get out my sketchbook and pencils.

I started with this weekend (skipping Sunday, as I spent the morning in pjs and the afternoon at work), and I got around to colouring them today (although I seem to have lost my good set of pencil crayons, i.e. the ones with more than eight colours, haha, so I had to blend…)

Here they are, from Friday to today:

I won’t be able to keep up with drawing every day, but I hope to do several outfit sketches a month. And I found my lovely wooden easel (which Himself very generously gifted me with a couple years ago) and acrylic paints (I do love oils, but the ventilation in the apartment wouldn’t be enough to paint indoors)… now all I need to do is figure out a way to keep Leela-cat from “interrupting” me while I paint!

Oh, and P.S. I also made blueberry-lemon muffins… using Nigella’s recipe for lemon-raspberry muffins, but I only had blueberries! I haven’t eaten one yet, they’re probably cooled by now though– yumm!


6 thoughts on “voila

  1. What a great idea! I love to draw, too, and this seems like a wonderful way to work toward a daily practice of drawing! Plus, it is such a great way to document what we wear in the 21st century! I am going to flickr and sign up right now! Will look forward to checking back to see your sketches!

    • Yay! I won’t be posting in the flickr group just now as I am approaching my 200 limit of photos that you can get with a Free account… but I will be checking the group for inspiration- and I’ll keep posting my drawings here! x

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