♥ art love ♥

*Disclaimer: today I learned how to type a heart symbol, which I thought I couldn’t do from my laptop because it doesn’t have a number keypad… (*blush*)… turns out, all I have to do is press the “fn” key + alt + the number “3” function, which is actually my letter “l”. I just thought I’d share this in case anyone else was like me and thought it was too difficult to figure out, haha*

Yesterday, I painted! It was a momentous occasion, as I tried out my lovely french easel (thanks, love!) for The First Time, and opened my acrylic paint set up, and actually was brave enough to use some of the Brand New Brushes! If you’re anything like me, you might save up your new brushes for a long time before trying them out… and keep using the old ones because you don’t want to spoil the pretty new-ness of the new ones. Well, it was worth it, because the new brushes are l o v e l y. (Refraining from typing more hearts here).

It isn’t finished or anything, I totally ran out of white since the set I was using had a tube of white that was the same size (small) as the coloured tubes… and I’m a non-saturated painter– I love mixing white to get lighter tones. I sort of had Alice in Wonderland in mind (there’s been a lot of cool Alice-inspiration on weheartit.com & I can’t wait to see the new movie), and also I just love birds and owls and hearts. The hearts are going to be balloons, actually. I guess I have love on the brain!

In this picture you can see a bit more of my easel:

It’s super-cool. I just set it up in the library, put windows media player on random, and had fun. The whole easel folds up on itself to become a portable rectangular box-structure, the legs attach to the sides and everything.

Today after work I went to buy a 200 ml tube of white paint, and also a tube of purple: even though I love mixing my own colours, I didn’t have the proper red + blue to mix the shade of purple I was trying to get… so I bought “light lilac” I think, which sounds lovely.

Anyways, just in case your cuteness quota hasn’t been filled for the day, look at this:


Yes. It is preciously cute. And then, since there is nailpolish in that photo (in a shade I’m not wearing), what do you think of the colour I am wearing?

It’s a sort of coppery-purple, if that makes sense. I had been wearing a really pale pink, similar to Essie’s Ballet Slippers (which I almost bought, but then went for the much cheaper L’Oreal version!), but I really like this new colour. (Rimmel Hard Edge, if you’re interested!)

Well, I’m soon off to do some late-night grocery shopping with Himself. Goodnight!


4 thoughts on “♥ art love ♥

  1. Your painting is looking great, I love the way you have done the hearts. I wish that I was able to paint and draw well.

    By the way, OMG about the keyboard hearts! That’s awesome. I just had a little play around and if you do fn + alt and then press your L key 4 times you get a club, and if you press the J and K keys you get little faces. Wow!

    • Yaaaay!! I’m so glad you’re as excited as me about this randomness… I’ve been like: how the hell do I do this? for aaages. I think there’s ways to get like crescent moons and stuff too, if you google it. ♥ haha

      ps- thanks everyone for the compliments!

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