lovely weekend

I painted some more yesterday…

The purple from a tube really helped me get the tree colour right… and I’ve started adding some leaves and flowers too.

Today will also be another baking day. The banana muffins I made (from my Nigella book) are gone, so I have to replenish the supply, as I’m growing very used to lovely muffins for breakfast & snacking. In fact, I may not actually leave the house today. Perhaps it will be verrrry lazy.

The spring Cath Kidston catalogue arrived yesterday (surprisingly, as I didn’t order anything from the winter one, and I figured they’d stop sending it overseas just for me to browse through it!)– I am in loooove with

And pretty much everything in the whole catalogue. However, once you factor in shipping to Canada and the exchange rate (plus the scary duty charges you may or may not have to pay once your package arrives… once I ordered yarn online and thought I was getting a super-bargain, but the delivery lady made me pay so much duty it was hardly worth it!) I can’t really afford the splurge at the moment.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!


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