more sketches

These are my What I Wore sketches from the past week… only three as (i) I don’t seem very inspired to draw what I wore when it’s just something kind of plain and routine, and (ii) I don’t want to force it, because when I do draw I’m really enjoying it.

I really wish I could find my full set of pencil crayons, as using 7 colours isn’t really doing it for me. I may have to get another box.

PS: I was at the grocery store today, and I coughed up $9.99 for a plug-in “scented oil” air freshener by Febreze. Has anyone tried these? Holy smokes, I got the vanilla one, it has two scents: Vanilla Refresh & Vanilla Bean, and I put it in our small ensuite bathroom and I swear I can smell it all the way down the hallway! I’m in the library right now, which is a room and a hallway away, and I can smell it. It’s amazing! Well worth the (seemingly) exorbitant price. Seriously, I love it!!


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