knit bow headband

Okay, I went yarn shopping with something particular in mind… one skein of something lovely to use for a bow headband (pattern can be found for free on ravelry, or on the original website).

I bought some Diamond Luxury Mulberry Merino in a wonderful teal colour…

And within one episode of The Office (plus some time for assembly), I made this:

I looooove it!!! I want to make tons more. Anyways, if you’re interested in making one, the pattern is super-easy. I used the idea of attaching the two crochet chain bands to a hair elastic (seen here, scroll down for a photo of what that looks like) because I know yarn by itself would just slide right off my head. The elastic keeps the headband snugly fitted to my head. I crocheted my chains to be about 20 inches, including the length of the hair elastic. I think I have a regular-sized head.

Yeah, so I’m just super-excited about it. I can definitely recommend the yarn- the silk/merino blend knits up awesome on bamboo needles (I used 4.5 mm as the yarn label suggested). And since this project uses such little yarn, buying a luxurious ball is totally justified!

Happy weekend!

PS: oh wow, I did not notice that there’s some serious messy-mess going on in the background of the photos… haha I guess it’s time to tidy up!


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