saturday loves

Hello! This morning I was absorbed by Etsy… several people have been blogging their Valentine’s wishlist, and of course I had to check out every single item I saw… and then that led to the discovery of more and more new things to love… and now I have a wishlist that will last ’til I’m 64. At least!

Anyways, here are some super-lovely discoveries. I am constantly overwhelmed with amazement at the beautiful things people have created! {click on any picture to link to the etsy shop ♥}

This owl ring is awesome & it opens to reveal a locket!

I’ve loved these necklaces for a while now… especially this magpie one (two for joy)!

A cat and a bird– two of my favourite things!

I bought the Tron version of this messenger bag for Himself for Christmas and can personally recommend it as an awesome item. But now I want this awesome Steve Zissou version for myself! (He also does Royal Tenenbaum ones and more Wes Anderson fun!)

Um hi– a kitty holding yarn? On a notepad? Cutest. Ever. (Actually I love everything at this store).

I also thought this painting was beautiful.

I’ve only done lino-cut printing once in art class, but I remember how finicky it was and am amazed at the detail in this knit-stitch print!

I sort of have only a vague idea of how gocco printing works, but I imagine something like this would be impressive to make!

Hello, sweetest buttons ever! Little Russian dolls… love.

This is really perfect for Valentine’s day… or just any day, haha.

And finally, this adorably sweet knit bunny from the lovely Jenny— doesn’t it make you want to adopt it, and a whole bunch of others, and start a bunny collection?

Ahhh, the sweetness. Anyways, I’m still in pyjamas and I really should get started on the day. I have yarn shopping to do!!!


4 thoughts on “saturday loves

  1. Cute finds! It took me so long to read this post as I had to visit pretty much every link on my way down :-)

    and it was lovely to see Bunnikins here, thanks hun you’re too sweet!

    • I know! That was exactly how I felt when I was reading other people’s wishlists… I got sucked right in, haha. I then had to add them all to my favourites and bookmark them for later ♥

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