lovely armwarmers

They’re finished! And they didn’t take nearly as long as I’d worried… I started knitting January 6th, which means they only took a month- and I didn’t knit consistently, mostly just on weekends or during down-time at work.

I made them to look like the ones in the Toast catalogue, and I’m super-pleased with how they turned out. They’re basically just knitted tubes, I used dpns because I don’t have short enough circular needles, and I don’t know how to do magic loop.

You can wear them scrunched up around your wrists, or stretched over your elbow. The baby alpaca yarn makes them reallly soft!


  • I cast on 65 sts and was knitting with laceweight yarn. Basically I wanted a finished circumference that would stretch around the widest part of my upper arm (for me, this was about 7″). When the armwarmers aren’t being worn, the circumference is only about 4″.
  • Then I did k3p2 rib for 47″ and bound off! (The hardest part is making the second one, once you’ve finished the first).
  • Voila! Lovely armwarmers to keep my arms toasty at work when I wear short, or 3/4 sleeves (which I nonsensically do in the winter. I don’t know, some of my sweaters have shorter sleeves!)

PS: in case you haven’t read my original post about the armwarmers, I used 2.75mm needles, and Diamond Luxury Baby Alpaca Lace yarn.


2 thoughts on “lovely armwarmers

  1. these are gorgeous……exactly what I was looking for: I have some beautiful laceweight alpaca and will enjoy making these.
    many thanks for your pattern :)
    alex in Scotland

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