Where do you keep all of the things you come across that inspire you? I have various places… some things go in boxes and folders etc., but I do love postcards and business cards, souvenirs of cool places we’ve been and reminders of where to re-visit. Sometimes I also like magazine clippings and photos of stuff that looks really pretty or cool or fun.

I keep all of that stuff on a bulletin board right above my desk:

What I’d really love would be a whole wall made of cork-board… (is that plausible, or even possible, haha?)… that way, when I found something new to add I wouldn’t have to remove anything, or squeeeeze it in slightly behind something else (which I do now).

Anyways, I recently tidied up my desk area, as sort of a Welcome 2010, I-Hope-I-Can-Keep-My-Workspace-Neat thing. And Himself hung up my bulletin board, which I moved, with everything stuck on it, from our old apartment.

Anyone have a cool way of displaying their inspiration?


8 thoughts on “inspiration

  1. Love the idea of having a whole wall covered in cork!! I’ve just got a little board like you, it’s not very exciting really! I’d love to have an ‘inspiration book’ where I’d stick stuff in, but I’d need to make time for that and it’s just not happening!

  2. a wall covered in cork would be amazing- it should be opposite a wall covered in chalkboard paint. ;) I’m oddly not good at inspiration boards, but I like to favourite photos (including photos of inspiration boards) on flickr, and then that’s like a digital inspiration board in itself!

    • Yes, and then you can spend hours watching the slideshow of your favourites, haha– at least that’s what I do! I almost forgot about chalkboard paint. If only I wasn’t worried about all the chalk dust!

  3. I like this idea much better than the mess I have going on in my inspiration journal. I’m a lot more likey to actually DO something more with my inspirations if I see them each day :) Thanks for sharing. I like the blog!

  4. ah, workspaces. it’s the constant thorn in my side. :) the desire to have a clean and tidy workspace versus the clutter that i naturally create. blech!

    thanks for the sweet words about my tattoo!! it was such a crazy little adventure! hope your weekend and valentine’s day have been FABULOUS!!

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