• I got snippy at work when people acted mad that I hadn’t done something which I had never been asked to do (or shown how to do). I actually said: “Well, until someone actually shows me how to do it, it’s definitely not getting done.” Arg, annoying people who expect things to magically get done without asking anyone.
  • I did 20 mins of cardio, which is actually a pretty new thing for me… but I like it!
  • I made roasted potatoes, steamed carrots, and salad for supper (with leftovers for Himself when he gets home!)
  • I discovered yet more Canadian talent: Meaghan Smith
  • I snuggled with a kitty cat
  • I’m hoping to watch some more Battlestar Galactica because I have to find out soon who is actually a cylon and who isn’t!!! (Don’t tell)
  • I’m extremely happy about the upcoming weekend. Since I worked last weekend (which was a 3-day weekend for most people) I snagged this Monday as a holiday. I’m spending Sunday with family ♥ and I don’t have to go to work again until Tuesday, woo!
  • I’m dreaming of SPRING!!! (We have wet snow and below zero temperatures right now)
  • I made a new header for my blog– is really my new favourite editing toy– ! What do you think??

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