I went shopping this morning at my favourite stationery store, and two lovely things came home with me:

Super, no? Both things were on sale, so I totally snagged them. I almost bought a journal with two pink owls on it (!!) but it had lines (I prefer blank pages) and it was not on sale.

The faux-wood sketchbook has lovely textured blank paper for writing and sketching. And the “weekly organizer” opens up in the middle to hold

  1. an address book
  2. a notepad
  3. a pad of weekly calendars with Monday- Sunday, but no numbers. So you can use it any year, you just fill in your own days. I’m trying to keep track of my daily exercise, and a cute weekly planner seems just the trick!

Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday! x


7 thoughts on “treats

  1. I love the faux wood journal, so cute!
    And the little doodles birds… I wish I could pick just one to love so I could treat myself but they are all wonderful!
    Happy Weekend xo

  2. Thanks Heather- poor kitty is ill from her vaccines yesterday, but we got her some painkillers and she seemed to regain her appetite just now, so I’m very relieved!

    Sarah, I know- the journal cover is fabric with the faux-wood print! xo

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