friday (finally!)

So yeah… this was a long week. Our kitty cat had to visit the vet three times (!) and currently is having random bouts of sneezing fits. If anyone knows anything about sneezing cats (especially anything reassuring) I would super-appreciate hearing it. Or, I guess, reading it.

Yep, she’s totally in my dresser drawer in that picture. This cat goes anywhere! But right now she’s hiding under things because she’s nervous we’re going to stick her in the carry-box again and take her to the vet. Three times in a row, that was pretty intense.

Anyways, I’m working this weekend, so I’m not really super-excited. But I do really look forward to sleeping in, as I don’t work until the afternoon both days.

My mum gave me a terrific set of pencil crayons last weekend, and I’ve been doodling in my new sketchbook with them. There’s some great colours (it’s a 48 pack) and they’re lots of fun. I may share some of the sketches… if I get around to photographing them, or even scanning them.

I hope everyone’s weekends have at least a bit of relaxation in them! I’m off to watch tv.


3 thoughts on “friday (finally!)

    • Thanks for the link! Ours is actually a calico, but she’s mostly black and orange with just her collar and belly white, and her little paws. I have a feeling she’s got the mischief of a tortie in her, though!

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