saturday morning secret-telling

Hi! I’m awake, I didn’t want to waste too much of the morning by sleeping in realllly late, plus sleeping ’til 8 is actually an extra hour and feels luxurious anyway.

I read two secret-telling posts yesterday & today: silje’s and elsie’s, and I figured it would be fun to join in. (Although I certainly won’t give away *all* of my secrets!)

  • I wish I could wear contact lenses, because I love my eyes. But I also think my eyes are too close together (strange, I know) and wider frames on my glasses balance this out.
  • If I could look exactly like someone else, I would choose  Audrey Hepburn.
  • If I could steal someone’s fashion style & wardrobe, it would be either Katie White  of the Ting Tings (but only if I was a music star, and could it also come with her super accent?) …

  • … or, I would also love the entire wardrobe of (fictional character) Amelie, from the movie:

  • I am a constant worrier… but I wish I wasn’t. I’d like to learn to accept change more easily and worry less about those I love.
  • when I was a kid (13, 14?) I tried to teach myself to speak Esperanto (made-up language that was intended to become universal), and Irish-Gaelic. The Gaelic was from a set of cassette-tapes from the library, and to this day I still remember how to say “Sit down, please”. (But I don’t know how it’s spelled).
  • I sing along really loudly to music in the car, but only when I’m driving by myself.
  • I like ketchup on kraft dinner
  • I used to be absolutely positive I would never have, or want, kids. But now I’m not so sure. (I’m still terrified of the actual giving birth, though)
  • I fear that if anyone I really love passes away, I might not be able to handle it. I can’t really understand how people deal with loss.
  • I have considered getting my nose pierced, but I was worried I would have trouble finding a job.
  • I have also considered dyeing my hair a random colour… it has only ever been red, dark brunette, and highlighted. I may do something different next time I see my hairdresser.
  • I could eat pizza (any kind, meatless of course) every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. AND,
  • when given the choice between a fancy restaurant and Pizza Hut, I will choose Pizza Hut.
  • sometimes I still watch children’s programming on TV if I’m bored. I like the show “Arthur

So, those aren’t all of my secrets… just some fun ones to share. If you share any, leave a comment linking to your blog! Have a lovely Saturday!


9 thoughts on “saturday morning secret-telling

  1. Arthur is AMAZING! I used to watch it ALL the time when I was on my gap year. I used to work 7-2pm at work and so it was on when I came home. Excellent! All shows should be like Arthur.

  2. That was so cool to read!
    I would also be Audrey and steal amelie’s wardrobe, the idea of birth terrifies me too (secretly always hoping they will figure out a new way to do that before i have kids), I would love to have light pink hair for a day and always wanted my nose pierced but was worried about sneezing(?!)… and pizza hut over fancy any day! :)


    • Yes, they really should start figuring out a new birthing method… soon, please! Light pink would look super-cute, although the bleaching makes me worried. Perhaps wigs are the answer? (haha)

      oh, also my mum always wondered the same thing about nose piercings, i.e. what would you do when you had a cold? I figure you’d just take it out…?


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