a bird in the hand

I don’t know if you’ve seen these lovely bird in hand mittens? I’d seen some lovely pairs on Ravelry, but hadn’t considered making my own until a recent visit to my yarn stash produced sport-weight wool/viscose yarn in an awesome turquoise blue and cherry red.

What better way to use two colours of sport-weight than stranded mittens? And bird-themed mittens? Even better!

Here’s how far I’ve gotten; the palm of the mitten will have a really cool chevron design…

… and on the front you can see the bottom of the word “fly”, and there will of course be birds and hearts… which I looove ♥

The best feature is the duplicate-stitch bird which hides in the palm of each mitten. I’m quite nervous about the thumbs, as I’m not an expert mitten-knitter, and the instructions seem alarmingly vague… but I’m sure someone who’s made them before can help answer my questions.

In other news, does anyone else try out random cardio dance workout dvds from the library instead of purchasing them? I hate buying a workout dvd unless I’ve seen it… the instructor can really make a difference. I’ve been doing one I really like (Dance Cardio for Beginners, the review says it’s “basic” but it kills if you do the whole hour…) and it’s super-easy to follow, plus this Petra lady is very happy and nice.

However! I challenged myself with Crunch Cardio Dance Blast. The first session was insane, and I swore at the tv because this gal went realllly fast. But the moves were kind of fun, so I tried it again today, and it’s not that bad. It’s still an awesome workout, but I think it gets easier to follow. Also, I am a complete beginner at physical exercise. I’m assuming the more I do, the better it will be!

Hope your week is moving quickly!


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