friday night relaxin’

Was anyone else as pleased as me with last night’s episode of The Office? Awww. Loved it. I just got to watch it this evening after I got home from work.

This weekend is a Real Weekend, meaning I get both days off (!), so I’m super-glad that it’s finally here. Leela-cat seems to be feeling better, and I hope we won’t have to take her back to the vet for a loooong time. (As I typed that, she gave a happy meow and jumped up on my lap).

My mittens are progressing- I’m planning to work on them over the weekend, and maybe do some baking (muffins) for next week’s breakfasts. We’re planning to have a shopping day on Sunday, just browsing around and enjoying the (fingers-crossed) plus-digit weather. Also, we may see Alice in Wonderland!

Speaking of movies, the other night we watched (500) Days of Summer and loved it. I’m also excited about Gerard Butler‘s new movie with Jennifer Aniston, although it sadly seems that he won’t have his natural accent in this one (same as The Ugly Truth).

What movies are you excited about?

Oh, and before I go…:


4 thoughts on “friday night relaxin’

    • I liked the name Leela, it meant something about “dark beauty” in Persian (we go for exotic cat names, haha) and *I didn’t know* about the Futurama connection, but Himself DID (and never told me until later).

  1. Hooray for real weekend and Leela being all better!
    I am so excited about Alice, it looks fantastic and I really want to see 500 days of summer, I love Zooey Deschanel’s kookiness and style! xo

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