shop therapy

Oh shopping, how I love you. Even a quick trip to Shoppers can cheer me right up, despite the fact that I’ve been blowing my nose non-stop for the past 24 hrs. Seriously, how can this be? Anyways, I’ve had my heart set on a good Shoppers trip for a while, and since I’ve been feeling icky this week I thought a treat might help.

Also, two more things happened to spur me on: 1. I received coupons along with a  magazine in the mail for Nivea products… they also came with samples, which I loooove, and samples work like a charm on me as I ended up buying two out of the three things they sent me. 2. I had earned enough points to get $10 off my purchase, which is always a good reason to shop!

Nivea is already my favourite brand for body products, so I didn’t need my arm twisted, and truth be told I probably didn’t even need the samples in order to want to buy more. I ended up with some bath cream & moisturizer:

I’m also a huge fan of light kiss, this lip balm:

I love a good gloss as much as the next girl, but for times when you’re not looking for shine & residue, this is the perfect lip product. It also mixes really well with lipstick to make a sheer stain. And it is sooo moisturizing for lips. Love.

Also I got a coupon for this dry shampoo by Tresemme, so I thought I’d give it a try (I’m not in love with washing my hair every day, but I do find that it gets greasy/limp pretty quickly. I hope this works as well as it says!) It was on sale already, plus I saved a dollar. Smart shopping!

Oh, and speaking of shopping, here is my spring wishlist, courtesy of Polyvore:

Yep, I think I am definitely starting to feel better! (haha) Tomorrow’s my visit to the hair salon… I can’t wait to see what happens! ♥

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