this week :: this weekend

This week…:

  • I did four nights of bellydancing with a new dvd– it’s even more fun than cardio dance, although the moves are a lot harder to do!
  • I slodged through some pretttty boring stuff at work
  • I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox and renewed my l♥ve for all things Wes Anderson (the opossum was the best! “Apple-juice flood!”)
  • I played Need For Speed: Underground on our new-to-us Playstation 2… I love racing games, but I need some practise (hello, crashing into road signs)
  • I enjoyed a teensy bit of sun, but was mostly unpleasantly surprised when I left the house, sock-less and mitten-less in the mornings, only to discover that my breath froze in the air…
  • I got paid! Woo!
  • I had my hair dyed red (well, it was on Saturday, but it still counts)

This weekend…:

  • I only have to work *one* night, and the rest of my time is alllll mine!
  • I’m going to sleep in both mornings
  • I want to do some more baking… maybe something lemony for spring?
  • I might watch Up
  • I want to have a happy and enjoyable time!

What about you? x


2 thoughts on “this week :: this weekend

  1. this weekend we are going OUT somewhere, if I can persuade hubby to get out of bed and into the shower. Other than that, more unpacking unfortunately! Oh and then washing the floors …

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