blog love ♥

(… and I haven’t even posted in weeks! *blush*)

Awww– the lovely Heather from one of my faaaaavourite blogs Little Tin Bird has passed the beautiful blogger award on to me!

Super-sweet, and it’s my first ever. The rules are that I now have to give seven facts about myself, and then pass it on. Ready?

  1. I own multiple copies of my favourite books, because every time they are re-published with new covers, I buy them again. And usually I have to re-read the new one. And sometimes I enjoy the book more when it has a realllly lovely cover. Currently I have 3 copies of “Rebecca” by Daphne DuMaurier… and I’d totally buy a fourth if I had money to spare!
  2. I have a degree in combined Visual Arts and Physics. It sounds braggy, and I always try to downplay the physics part because (a) I’m not a science genius by any means, I just love learning about the way the universe is put together, and (b) I’ve already forgotten most of basic physics, and I never truly did understand how a TV works. I sort of think it’s magic. The art part was amazing, and I still crave a career that somehow involves art.
  3. I have recently become enamored with bellydancing (remember I told you I had the workout DVD?) and I pretty much want to get a jingly coin belt to wear when I work out. Heehee!
  4. I am super-bad at starting projects and losing interest in them. I have a pair of socks I’ve been working on for Himself since… last fall?? One sock and a bit is complete, and I’m sorry love, I’ll finish them at some point…
  5. I order drinks at Starbucks according to whether they come with whipped cream. I have never turned down whipped cream, or uttered the (unholy) words: “Skinny latte.” Why pay freaking $4 for skinny?
  6. My favourite shows on TV right now are: The Office, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Fringe, & FlashForward. I also have to watch Top Model (Tyra is working some fierce catsuits this season, 80s much?) and Project Runway on my computer.
  7. I sometimes feel like I’m living in opposite world, where people who made all the typical “wrong” life choices (quit school early, have kids unexpectedly, etc.) are rewarded and successful, when didn’t we learn it was important to get a good education? It seems sort of like the years we spent in university have set us back in the job world, since people who went straight into work have had years to move up to better positions, whereas the only things I can apply for are entry-level. Meh, this last one’s just a bit of a rant because we had our income taxes done, and we owed tons of money (of course) and it currently seems tough to “get ahead”. Plus I’m in the middle of a 20-days-straight-of-work thing, (hello Day 4!) and a bit moody.

Anyways! I’m happy to get to pass the award on to some other lovely people, so here goes:

  • Jenny at Stitcher & Scribbler who is recently engaged (aawww) and makes adorable bunnies ♥
  • fellow Canadian Julie at Knitted Bliss-– I love seeing her finished knitwear, and she posts gorgeous modifications that other knitters have used on their projects (I’m still way too scared to stray from my patterns!)
  • Tiny Twig Goes Out on  a Limb for some inspiring missions and insights
  • and Sarah at Titchables, who has started up her own adorable website and makes really cute plushies!

Love! And I promise I’ll write more soon, I just have to get out of my funk and back into the swing of things. xo


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