happy may!

Wow, yes, I do in fact still exist. You may recall my mentioning being in the midst of a twenty-day-no-breaks work-a-thon (not at all voluntarily, the schedule just rolled that way… ah, having multiple jobs). Well, as of today I’m on day 19, tomorrow is day 20 and then– FREEDOM! An entire weekend off with nothing to do but shop, relax, and catch up on some rest.

Working non-stop like this has made me slightly (alright, let’s face it, quite a bit) on edge, especially with annoying coworkers. And probably (unintentionally) with Himself (um, sorry love ♥). We’re also in training at work for the New System, which sounds lovely and exciting but consists of a lot of people yelling and getting annoyed at a lot of other people. I wish I could just stand on a desk and yell: “Relax people! It’s just wedding invitations! And stationery products!” But I doubt anyone would care. So I’ll just grit my teeth and wait for the weekend!

What’s been going on outside of work? I’m finding awesome hair and makeup tips here (in fact I have a video cued up right now to watch when I finish typing this) and I’m still really loving braids in all their incarnations. Also have read Martha Grimes’ new Richard Jury mystery (in two days flat- after waiting 3 years for it to be published), and am in the middle of E2 by Matt Beaumont- a funny story told in email, instant messages, etc. I haven’t read his first book, but it’s not really necessary in order to enjoy the brilliant satire.

I’m planning on my next read being The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, as Ive read a good review and it passed my cold-read book-test at Chapters the other day.

What else? I’ve caught up with Project Runway (yay Seth Aaron!) and am now onto Celebrity Apprentice. I really really like Maria’s hair. And Cyndi’s random ramblings.

Anyways, hope everyone’s been having a nice start to the new month: I find April to be a struggle, but May is looking promising. Spring is really lovely, and I’m starting to get excited about summer– ah, the beach. And picnics! Happy May!


One thought on “happy may!

  1. You’ll love The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie- both my husband and I read it and loved it!! Have a wonderful break, the day after tomorrow. :)

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