first manicure!

So I’m totally not a regular manicure-getter. In fact, I have never had a manicure in twenty-seven years of my life… until today!

But now… I may be hooked. It’s just like the massage thing: never went until I got health benefits which cover massages, decided to give it a try, and loved it! (I’ve still only had one massage, but I do think I’d love more). This afternoon I was a bit bored since my shopping trip got cancelled due to horribly bad weather (super-strong wind, flurries of actual snow, and tons of rain). So I was out, and I saw this cute salon that I’ve never been in, and their window said they did manicures.

I walked in and was like: Hi… do you have to pre-book an appointment for a manicure? And the answer was yes. But then she said I could have one right then, if I had the time. Of course I did! And I chose an awesome fuschia by OPI called Dim Sum Plum:

My nails are pretty short as I’d just trimmed them, but she managed to buff the edges to be very smooth and slightly curved. Also, I was so worried because I have this aversion to emery boards: just seeing someone using one gives me the goosebumps, and I can’t handle using them on my own nails. But my worry was totally unnecessary: she used this awesome buffer-y thing that was super soft and not at all scrape-y.

Verdict: love it! Totally a wonderful treat. Plus they told me if anything happened to my nails within the next few days, just call back and they’d fix it for free. Sweet!


2 thoughts on “first manicure!

  1. aww you didn’t post a photo of your nails all done up! :p

    Hi, by the way :) have you lost the will to live after your twenty day marathon working session? That’s such a long time to be working in a row! I think you need another treat in addition to the manicure :-D

    • heehee, I am now nail-paranoid and didn’t want to open the zip-case of my camera to take the photo! I will tomorrow though. I turned pretty angry by days 15-20, but at least I didn’t turn into a hummingbird like Apu on the Simpsons after his marathon shift ;)

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