ten things

I love playing along with questionnaires, so when Heather gave an open tag to all of her readers I just had to join in. I figured I’d just answer the same ten questions because, let’s face it, I just came home from work (and did the Cardio Dance Blast workout) and can’t actually bring myself to think up ten new questions. So… here they are!

1- what is your favourite song ever!
Currently a tie between Falling Slowly (by the Swell Season) & The Blackest Lily (by Corinne Bailey Rae). I don’t have one single favourite for all time, but I do go through bouts of listening to one song over and over.
2- what would be your death row meal (the last meal you eat on death row)
Um, I shall re=phrase this one and answer the question: what is my favourite meal? (Am optimistic about not ever having to experience death row) And the answer would be– probably a nice eggplant parmigianna with lots of tomato sauce and fresh parmesan. Oh, and a garlicky caesar salad. And Coke to drink. Heehee.
3- if you could live anywhere and your family, friends,job came too where would you live?
I  haven’t been anywhere outside of Canada and the US, so of the places I’ve been I really like the fruit-growing areas around Niagara Falls… and I think West Palm Beach in Florida is gorgeous. If I could pick a place I think I’d like but haven’t been yet, probably some teensy, sleepy village in Italy or Portugal, near the water and with a good used bookstore.
4- if you won the lottery would you still work? maybe not in current job but anywhere?
I would most certainly not. That is, if I won enough money to be able to live a life of leisure, I’d do it in a heartbeat.
5- chips or chocolate for the rest of your life which would you have?
Chips all the way.  Any flavour, including plain.
6- if you could have a talent what would it be (drawing, painting etc not super hero)

I think it would be awesome to be able to sing really really well.

7- what are your goals for this year?
I want to keep exercising; reduce stress; have lots of snuggle time with Himself and the kitten; and hopefully manage to get a raise at work. I would love it if I could quit my second job and just have to work weekdays. Maybe not this year, but it is a goal.
8- where do you see yourself in 5 years
Welll… in 5 years I’ll be 32 years old. Ack! I can’t even imagine a 32-year-old me! Perhaps Himself and I will have a home of our own, or a baby… who knows! I do see myself continuing to be happy.
9- do you carry photos in your wallet and if so who of?
The only photos I have in my wallet are of our two kitties: Sashenka (previous and deeply missed love-cat) and Leela (current love-cat)
10- what would be your dream job?
Hmm… I’d love to illustrate children’s books; do art design for a magazine; edit/proofread manuscripts; or just work at a really cool company. Like a yarn company. Or own a small cafe/bookshop. But I don’t really crave work… I wouldn’t mind staying at home if I was rich enough!
If you’d like, play along! Leave a note in the comments so we can all read each other’s answers!

One thought on “ten things

  1. hooray you played along!
    I would love to come to Canada (hmm, need a passport and some money first!) but I would still have to call chips crisps. It’s inbuilt. That’s what they are – crisps! hehe.
    Glad I’m not the only one who thinks the death row question is morbid :)

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