summer, i heart you

Hi! I can’t believe it’s the second week of July already…! I had the greatest long weekend for Canada Day: 4 days off in a row (this so rarely happens, I can count on one hand), and lovely activities including nature hike, fishing (I watched), picnicking, beach day, and reading magazines outside on a blanket in the park.

Himself and I, walking around the lovely gardens downtown & enjoying the sun!

Some lovely flowers in a summery combination of purple & yellow.

We’re having an extreme heat wave right now, but it’s actually kind of nice after the random cool weather at the start of the summer. At least I work in an air conditioned building, and our apartment is staying pretty cool as well. And, any excuse to wear flirty summer sundresses is welcome!

The only problem I’ve been having is dealing with my hair: it’s so long that I have to wear it up every day, and usually I even have to wear it up to bed. Here’s a picture of how I wore my hair today:

I pinned random sections with bobby pins and threw a mini-claw clip in for good measure. Surprisingly, since my hair still had some hairspray in it from yesterday, it actually stayed up all day and I didn’t even have to adjust it! Yay for good hair luck.

Anyways, I’m watching “House”, which I never usually watch, but the first few minutes hooked me (this man was in his kitchen , his five coffee makers disappeared when he went to the cupboard; then when he turned around it went from morning to 4:30 in the afternoon and he couldn’t remember any time passing. Turns out he may be on drugs… but now I’m watching to find out the rest of the story).

Take care!



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