lazy days

One of my most favourite things to do in the summer is nothing at all. (Clarification: I always love doing nothing at all, it’s just much more lovely in the summertime).

So yesterday I managed to squeeze out quite a lot of  lazy time, despite having to go to work at 3:30 in the afternoon.

This conservation area is just 10 minutes from our home! It’s perfect for fishing (Himself), and lying on a blanket listening to the new Sarah Harmer cd (me).

The weather has been perrrfect for lying outside and enjoying the afternoon.

Usually I bring a magazine or some books…

Sadly, for fishing it’s not the best… Himself has caught chiefly catfish and then some of these little ones:

… however it is still lots of fun!

Today I have another morning off and start work at 3. Then it’s back to the regular work week, although this one is only 4 days long and then I start my week’s holidays!! We’re going to try camping again, hoping that this time we will have warmer and drier weather. I hope to get some great pictures while we’re away so stay tuned!

Happy Sunday!



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