camping part one: photos & stuff

Hi! Thanks for the lovely congrats!! Being engaged (for almost 4 whole days!) is fun fun fun. I even didn’t mind going back to work today (only for a half-day, and not much work got done haha because there was very little supervision. wink.) because it was fun making my announcement over and over again to everyone.

I wanted to share some of our photos (many were taken by Himself, using our digital cam, and some were just me using my phone cam, which was more portable during walks) from camping. And next post I will share more about the whole engagement thing!

This is our tent: home for three days and two nights. Also the location of the proposal, yay! It lasted admirably through the crazy thunderstorm-downpour the first evening and night.

We went to the Camper’s Beach twice, both days it wasn’t too sunny so we didn’t get burnt! The water was completely shallow for such a long way out that you had to walk until your legs got tired before it was deep enough to swim in! But the ground was sandy all the way down, aside from random boulder-sized rocks that you could mostly avoid since the water was fairly clear. And we swam!

Here’s our fire; I don’t know if anyone else feels disproportionately proud having lit one… I didn’t even do the “fire-making”, that was all Himself, but I still felt proud, haha.

The view looking up from our campsite: surrounded by lovely tall trees.

On the second day, it stopped raining, and we went for a long walk following three different trails through the park.

We stopped along the way at all of the rocky beaches, to take pictures and enjoy breathing in the lake air. We were lucky to have a nice breeze for most of our walk, and I gradually peeled away my layers (the raincoat was just in case, haha, and it came in handy when I wore the hood to protect my hairdo from deer-flies, who had this strange compulsion to fly into my bun!)

Parts of the trails were boardwalks through wet areas, but the wood was actually sort of slippery from the rain, so it was more dangerous than we’d planned!

My favourite part about the walk was the woodsy areas, which brought back memories of one of my favourite kid’s books (and movies) Girl of the Limberlost

Himself also got to use the digital zoom/macro feature on the camera to get some great close-ups of monarchs and such.

This was me just prior to the proposal, haha I had no idea what was about to come.

… And the two of us, happy campers (for the most part… it was bloody difficult getting the tent packed up and back into the teeny bag it unbelievably came out of!)

Oh, and PS: I know this is just a fallen-over tree, but I like calling it a “hobbit hole”. And imagining the critters that live in it. Maybe gnomes, even! Heehee.

We had a great time. I’d definitely go back, and not just because I got a ring. I may even consider a longer camp-out for our next trip! There’s something about not being in your usual urban environment that is a nice change.

Anyone else have any good camp stories? Do share! xo


2 thoughts on “camping part one: photos & stuff

  1. When we lived Oop North, we used to go camping on the north Scottish coast. It takes an age to get there, the roads are frequently single track, you often get stuck behind a caravan, but it’s worth it. We had a great time, even when gales were threatening to blow the tent away (not that often though!). There are lots of little bays where the sand it so golden and the sea so blue that you feel like you’re on a tropical island.

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