camping part two: engaged!

Hi there! I realize I’ve left “part one” of our camping trip as my latest post for a few weeks already, so I figured I should finish that up before I start linking to adorable wedding blogs or anything.

So, our camping trip started with a monsoon rain storm and ended with the charming Himself giving me the loveliest engagement ring ever. He said it was an award for being “best camper”, and even made sure he asked if I’d be willing to go again (my answer: yes, sure!) before actually proposing. Sneaky! And I didn’t even suspect anything when I wasn’t allowed to open up my own glove box in my car (I know, I’m oblivious). In fact, I didn’t suspect anything until he started fiddling with something in his pocket on our way back from the beach. Even then, I had no idea he’d actually purchased a ring!

So yay! I keep looking down at my hand and smiling. And then worrying that I’ll ruin the ring somehow, or lose it or something. But I’m being extra careful with it. Extra.

Of course, I’m discovering wedding blogs. I sort of had this idea that they would be frilly nonsensical things with pictures of beading and satin, but there are soooo many super ones that are actually inspiring! What a nice surprise. I especially am enjoying peeking in at The Loveliest Day, 100 Layer Cake, & Once Wed. And okay, even [*cough*] Martha Stewart Weddings… because holy mother of pearl, the diy ideas are amayzing!

So far, I’ve bought my dress, shoes, centrepieces, and…. just kidding. Haha, all I have so far are magazines and an imagination. Oh, and I ordered a ball locket on Etsy, after reading this story about a couple who each wore photos of their grandparents to the wedding. I really liked that idea, so I’m thinking of either using the locket as a necklace or a bracelet.

Anyways, that’s all for now. If anyone knows of any more lovely wedding idea sites, do let me know!

PS: the kitties are also very happy, Himself says we are making honest cats out of them. Heehee.



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