it’s eight-thirty-seven p.m. and i just made coffee

Yep. Ever just get the biggest craving for a hot mug of coffee at night? And in the middle of the most humid weather? I do. But I also just finished mega-vacuuming (that’s what I call normal vacuuming, because I do it so infrequently that it’s quite the production when it actually happens), two loads of laundry (the machines are downstairs, people!!), and cleaning up a potted violet which Inara-kitty had decided looked better on the rug than the windowsill.

Anyways, so I’m going to have some lovely coffee, and then possibly reprimand myself for forgetting that that makes it hard to fall asleep at a reasonable time.

In other kitty news, we are waking up most mornings now to either (a) Inara sliding down the wall with her claws (that’s a sound you can only understand the horror of once you’ve heard it at 4:30 a.m.), (b) one or both kitties knocking over the fan from the window, or various objects on Himself’s dresser, or (c) the alarm (most unlikely of all). What do people do when they have kids? Eep.  At least babies can’t/don’t slide down walls? (Please tell me this is true…!)

I lost momentum with my “keep working out” idea when the really hot weather started… just haven’t been feeling the desire to work up more of a sweat. But yesterday I managed a 15 minute cardio routine, which is a nice way to ease back into regular work-outs I hope. Today’s carrying grocery bags/laundry/garbage/more laundry up and down three flights of stairs is what I will call my “strength training” for the day.

Tomorrow I have a massage booked: bliss! And then Himself is leaving for a few days– cottage-bound to spend some time with family. We have a family reunion to go to on Saturday (assuming it doesn’t rain us out), and we’re planning to flaunt our “newly engaged-ness” to all.

Happy Tuesday! I’m going to have that coffee.


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