of weddings

Hi there! Wow, so I have turned into a wedding-minded gal… it didn’t take very long either. First came a few magazines from my mum… then a few more… then bookmarking websites and subscribing to feeds in my google reader… and now this: I have wedding dresses in my Etsy favourites!

Want to see? (click on photos to visit the shops they’re from)

… Yes, I am pretty much all about a big skirt. And tea-length hem.

Okay, my dress budget started off as “I bet I can find a cute dress at the mall for like 50 bucks”… and then it was like “Well maybe I should spend like $100, and get something a bit nicer”, and now I’m bookmarking $350 dresses like they’re going outta style. Haha. Well $400 is my ABSOLUTE limit, and if I spend that much (if I have that much saved up to spend!) I may possibly cry. I love bargains.

Here is my ultimate favourite though: I spotted it in a magazine (it’s from David’s Bridal, which we don’t have in Canada)

image courtesy of David’s Bridal

It’s $450 and you can only buy it in-store, not online… booo. But I’m going shopping with my mum in a week and a half, and I’m hoping I might fond something similar… for a lower price… is that even possible?? Haha, I’ll stay positive.

Incidentally, Himself will be wearing a kilt. Maybe not the one he has hanging in the closet, which is mostly red and green, but even that one will look quite dashing, I think!

In related news, despite the fact that I work for a wedding-invitation printing company, we are designing our invites ourselves (ah, contemporary media art classes, how you come in handy!) and printing them on Himself’s awesome home printer (it’s a Brother). We got suuuper cardstock for a suuuper deal, and I can’t wait to choose fonts and stuff. I even want to make up a small illustration (maybe two owls?) to scan onto the computer and use.

And since I do calligraphy, I can address the envelopes myself. The best part about being creative AND broke is that the creativity allows you to do a lot of stuff for free.

Oh PS: speaking of diy stuff, I have to link to this awesome shoe-tutorial from one of my favourite wedding blogs: The Broke-Ass Bride. I specifically noticed it because the shoes look like a black version of the white ones the gal is wearing above, in the David’s Bridal pic. You know, with my favourite dress? Eeeeep!!

But actually, while I love these diy shoes, my current faves are peep-toe pumps with a huge bow. Like these:

{image by Erin Hearts Court, via The Loveliest Day}

Sigh…  I do quite like shopping for shoes and dresses! xxoo



3 thoughts on “of weddings

  1. That dress is gorgeous! I love the little flowers around the neck… They all are lovely dress! I love the length and the full skirt of them. Been thinking I want one that style too, but I really can’t decide… way too many pretty dresses, I think I want them all hee hee And its so cool that you are doing your own invites!

    I am completely wedding brained too at the mo… if you want to share links and ideas, just let me know
    Happy planning!

    • Yes, waaaay too many choices!! I just discovered that the website Once Wed sells pre-owned dresses for discounted prices, so I was looking there last night to see if I might come across that particular dress in my size, but no luck… yet!

      I’d love to swap links & ideas! xo

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