Anyone else attempting to save money? $$$ …

It’s hard, huh. And I’m a gal who loves a good deal… I enjoy hunting around secondhand thrift stores, and I raise my eyebrows at prices often. But looking at my bank balance for this month (August), I’ve noticed that something I apparently don’t raise an eyebrow at is spending money on food.

Not grocery store food, I mean food you “treat” yourself to, like coffees… or a quick lunch at the mall… or more coffees… or teas… or specialty blended smoothies (wow, lots of beverages!) etc. I love Starbucks, and similar beverage chains. And I also love eating out (who doesn’t? No dishes!).  But I’m trying to save lots and lots, for the wedding, and also because we eventually would like money for a down-payment, yikes. Oh, and in a few years I was planning to purchase the car I am currently leasing… and yeah, that’s several thousand dollars that I don’t have.

Sooo… any good saving tips? Erm, besides the obvious, i.e. NOT spending so much on edible treats. Like, it’s not a big deal for me to bring snacks. I pack a lunch and snacks for work. It’s just the convenience. But I’m officially stating it here: I am going to try to be a better saver.

It’s not just food that I can cut back on, of course. I’m planning to avoid picking up too many new items of clothing unless necessary (i.e. pants that fit, since I shrunk a size). Aaannd, most importantly, I will be more aware of what I spend per day & per week. So that I’ll know when it’s necessary to cut back.

Our wedding fund is slowly growing, which is super-happy news! I love depositing into that account and reading the balance statement. So far we haven’t used any of the money, we’ve just started to put some in, so we haven’t had to part ways with any of it yet, haha. I’m sure as soon as we start having to pay for the rental hall, food, clothing, etc. we will be less happy to see the balance statement. But for now, it’s all good news! xo


2 thoughts on “saving

  1. I find it helps to get a notebook and write down every little thing that you spend. I use a page a day.

    It makes me think about what I’m spending and helps you see patterns of where you can save.

    And if you can’t cut back on Starbucks completely it is worth getting a Starbucks card – you get discounts and you can set an amount to ‘top-up’ and then only spend that amount all month.

    • oh man, I almost wouldn’t admit this, but I had a Starbucks visa!! Haha, it was awesome, I got at least one free drink per month just by spending money with it. But it is sadly discontinued… I might look into the store cards though :) xo

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