Hi!!! My weekend plans switched up a bit from wedding shoe shopping to a visit to my favourite secondhand store (Value Village, woo!). We don’t have one here, but the 40 minute drive was certainly worth it. I had such a successful trip, I wanted to show off some of my fab finds.

Firstly, I did find shoes: not wedding ones (I still have my mind on peep toes) but super-awesome yellow heels.

I’ve been thinking about yellow shoes for a while now… I think they’ll look sooo great with skinny, dark jeans. The best news is that they’re Nine West shoes ($$$) and they were only $10 and a perfect fit!!

Love them!! Okay, the next things I found were like a million milk glass vases (… okay, thirteen. I only bought thirteen, haha.)

They were 99 cents each! And… they’re for… guess what: the Wedding! Yay! Actually I love them, so I’ll be happy to keep them after, but I was envisioning these as centerpieces, with bright blossoms in them, something like this:

{photo by Marion Brenner for House & Garden July 2004, found via London Calling}

I bought all the same kind of vase, because I like symmetry, but I may add a few other pieces along the way as I come across them.

Another wedding idea I’ve been seeing a lot of is handmade bunting (like the ones seen at this lovely wedding, or this pretty wedding, or this amazing wedding… or like a thousand other weddings I’ve looked at online.) My mind has been obsessed by the idea of making bunting. Even though I don’t have (or know how to use) a sewing machine, I have this vision of me cutting out triangles of fabric and… sort of… attaching them to string somehow.

Okay, so the idea hasn’t been fully fleshed out, but I’ve got some time. Anyway, I bought some pillowcases and a bedsheet:

I can do this, right? (Any encouragement is appreciated). Also- if anyone actually knows something about making bunting, please do tell. Otherwise I’ll be figuring it out as I go along. Trial and error, people!

Aaaand, I also found this lovely thing (not wedding-related):

A cool retro plaid thermos! I’m feeling fall quickly approaching, and I feel like I want to take soup to work for lunch some days. What better way to cheer yourself up at lunch than with something so cute? I’m very excited. Now to get some soup. (Or make some? I’m not sure if I’m brave enough. I realize it’s just basically putting things in a pot with some broth, but… I just don’t know about the seasoning and the different flavour mixtures! Haha. Maybe this fall I’ll learn how to make soup).

I also found a dress in a lovely purple pattern (which I think might just be freaking amazing with those yellow shoes), and a cool dress-shirt for himself. All in all, such a great trip! And thrift-store spending is much much easier on the pocketbook. xox



7 thoughts on “thrift-mania!

  1. that looks super! I think I might try a new-sew version that includes a glue gun, as I’m not sure I can hand-sew the ribbon part to each triangle, but I’d love any tips re: when to iron the pieces, and will I have to sew each edge I cut?

    I think I read somewhere that if you use pinking shears you don’t have to sew the edges?

    thanks!! xx

  2. I had bunting at my wedding!
    We cut a template out of a cereal box and then cut out about a billion triangles (we barely used half of them tbh) and sewed them to a long strip of bias binding. But, I bet you could use bondaweb or something and iron them one :)

    • Yes!! I think ironing would be super – haha, not that I love ironing, but it sounds easy and less messy than glue-gunning it (which I was thinking of). xo

  3. Hi

    We had bunting at our wedding, it was a doddle to make, we just used a temptlate and cut trinagles, then i sewed them onto some ribbon, well just tacked them on, but you can do it a bit stronger. and i did some using lace, which looked really pretty and broke up the pattern a little bit, might look good with your white vases?


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