oh, hi there!

**arg. I just wrote this whole post, then when I clicked publish only the first paragraph saved. What the? So I’m not in the mood to write it all again. Here’s a quick summary…**

So… wow. It’s been over a month… yeah, I’m still here though! You know when time just runs away on you? Also, I’ve discovered sooo many awesome blogs and I’ve spent most of my online time reading them instead of writing anything myself.

Here’s what’s happened since last month:

  • I bought my wedding dress (it’s a secret for now though. I don’t get it til March-ish). It’s amayyyzing, and I love love it. And my lovely mum paid for it as a treat ♥
  • I drank pumpkin spice lattes at three different coffee places and like the ones with whipped cream best
  • I baked tomato soup cake and two batches of blueberry muffins
  • I went to a party where a representative sells you spices and kitchen gadgets, and got talked into buying a brie baker… oh great, now I have to learn to bake brie!
  • we may have found a wedding venue, still have to get Himself to visit and approve, but it’s 5 mins away from our apartment, and suuuper nice. An entire wall of windows!

That’s all for now. Hopefully not so long ’til next time! xo


2 thoughts on “oh, hi there!

    • it was a surprising request from Himself from his mum’s recipe. but it turned out a smash hit! you don’t taste the tomatoes, just lovely spices ♥

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