hair update

Oh yeah, I got bangs*!

This happened last weekend, and I’m soooo happy I decided to get them. Right after they were cut, the hairdresser gave them a quick blowdry, did not apply any hair product, and sent me on my merry way. This prompted me to check my reflection like a madwoman in every reflective surface I passed (including laptop screens at Future Shop! Not joking!) and the comment from Himself that “They look kind of… 80s”. (Hey, the 80s are back though, right??)

Haha, so anyways once I got myself and my new bangs home, and applied several drops of anti-frizz serum (my hair is suuuper thick and coarse without any smoothing products) all was well. And I took this picture and decided I love them! They’ve been a hit at work also.

I haven’t had long, full bangs (starting at the centre of my head) since I was a kid. It’s pretty fun! Now I just have to decide whether I want to keep them all the way until the wedding. (**Which, by the way, is in SEPTEMBER 2011!! Eeeeeekk!!**) If you are curious, I was decidedly inspired by the incredible hairstyles seen here. My hair is about that length and thickness, so I figured adding bangs would be a fun way of changing my hairstyle without losing length.

Um, but one warning: with thick, straight hair, these full bangs look absolutely INSANE in the morning. Like, completely messed up in the weirdest directions, looks like no hope of ever getting them back to normal… then, with one quick swipe of a comb, they’re awesome again. Heehee.

*or, for my british friends, a fringe! ♥


owl calendar!!

I just came across this free download for a 2011 owl calendar. It’s customizable with your choice of which 12 pieces of owl art to use! Love!!

(I’ve also added a button link in my sidebar that you can click on ♥)

favourite things this week

I have two favourite things this week.

1. the movie Wild Target, with Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint, & Rupert Everett!

2. this awesome video, seen on Rockstar Diaries

Postcards From Italy from ForYouLoveMe on Vimeo.

it makes me miss making videos sooo much. I have to get batteries for my camera and start making mini-videos again. The last time I made a real video was (sadly) during university… it has concrete hippo statuettes and the music from Amelie. Haha, oh randomness. Anyways, this video is amazingly adorable and beautifully staged.

Enjoy your weekend! I have to work tomorrow morning and afternoon, but then it’s lovely relaxing free time for a day and a half!

web browsers, fonts & other stuff

Okay, so I’m having a bit of a dilemma: what web browser to use now that I’ve down-graded to Windows XP. I was using Firefox on my laptop, and loving it… one of my favourite features (I’m all about personalizing and making my online experience look pretty ♥) was Personas, which is like a waaaay better version of choosing a “colour scheme” for your windows (colour schemes are fine and all, but I loved having little birds up above my browser bar. They’re cuter, right?) With Personas you can even choose ones from your favourite TV shows (Sue Sylvester persona, anyone?) or fashion designers.

Anyways, so what’s my problem? Well, I’m a bit obsessive about fonts, and I sadly noticed that on my Windows XP desktop, fonts for certain websites (including, yikes, this one… my own blog!!) are showing up “differently” than they did on my Vista laptop.

The worst part is that it’s not even really changing the font, it’s just making each letter kind of pixelly and uneven. The opposite of smooth lettering. So I previewed in Internet Explorer, and noticed the fonts looked smoother. (Gah! But I realllly dislike IE and its annoying affiliation with the Yahoo Toolbar). So then Himself made two other suggestions: Google Chrome, or Opera.

Opera is supposed to be lightning fast, but it’s obviously developed by (and for) people who don’t reallly want to personalize their browser in a “cute” way (seeing as most of the “skins” you can apply are things like “Red Evil” and “Dark Glass”… ick). So… because of that (and also because the Menu button in the top left wouldn’t go away, and remains a shade of dark red no matter what “skin” you apply. And I am not a fan of random dark red areas on my browser windows, okay) and because the fonts still previewed choppily, I tried Google Chrome.

I’m currently testing it out and not minding it that much… on some pages the fonts look a bit smoother, but IE is still the closest to what I was used to. Anyways, Google Chrome does have a set of themes you can choose from (nowhere near as extensive as Firefox though… I spent hours browsing their personas on multiple occasions haha) and I’m trying out the Caroline Gardner one right now which in spite of the strange acidyellowgreen tab colour, I sort of like. The tabs at the top look like file folders, which is kind of neat. But what the?? I want my smooth fonts back. So sad.

So anyways, what browsers do you use? And why? Is anyone else preoccupied with making their online experience as freaking cute as possible? Why not, right?

And if you are interested in extreme cuteness (for free), and for some reason you haven’t stumbled across this awesome site yet, let me direct you to pixelgirl presents. I got my adorable desktop, as well as a couple of icon sets (la patisserie & also some kawaii girls) from there. There’s even some non-sickeningly-sweet stuff too, if miniature croissants and cupcakes with eyes aren’t your thing, haha. The best part about the desktops is that you can search by screen resolution, so you don’t have to worry about choosing one that you have to “stretch”, or horrors, tile to fit your screen. (A pet peeve: seeing someone with a photo on their desktop that is repeatedly tiled to cover the space. Apologies if you are looking at your beloved tiled desktop right now. I’m sure yours is lovely, really!)  After careful consideration I chose this one, because I don’t like a dark background where you can’t see all the icons on your desktop. Plus hello, a pink lamb? Suuuper love! heehee.