home sick

Not homesick, but home sick. Stayed home from work today after feeling ill all day yesterday. Sometimes it’s best not to push yourself, yesterday my day at work dragged on and on because I wasn’t feeling well… then today a trip to the doctor convinced me that it’s better to get better than get paid. Haha, although I do love getting paid!

At least this coming weekend is free, I don’t have to work, so if I’m still not feeling my best I can snuggle down on the couch and watch more episodes of last season’s The Apprentice UK.  (I like it better than the American one because the contestants are waaaay funnier!)

Himself and the kittens are taking very good care of me, so I’m sure to be better soon. ♥

The last couple weeks have been exhausting, my laptop died (video card was toast) and I’ve only had it for about 2 1/2 years, so I’m not too impressed. I’m back to using Windows XP on my desktop (sad), but thankfully I managed to retain my hard-drive from the laptop so I didn’t lose any photos or important things. I miss Vista though… I know a lot of people never liked it as an operating system, but it was newer, at least. When I started re-using my desktop I had to update Firefox about 4 times before I got the current version, haha… but at least now I’ve started re-collecting my web bookmarks and everything. (Thank goodness for BlogLovin’ & also Google Reader, so I didn’t have to lose all the links to people’s blogs).

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