hair update

Oh yeah, I got bangs*!

This happened last weekend, and I’m soooo happy I decided to get them. Right after they were cut, the hairdresser gave them a quick blowdry, did not apply any hair product, and sent me on my merry way. This prompted me to check my reflection like a madwoman in every reflective surface I passed (including laptop screens at Future Shop! Not joking!) and the comment from Himself that “They look kind of… 80s”. (Hey, the 80s are back though, right??)

Haha, so anyways once I got myself and my new bangs home, and applied several drops of anti-frizz serum (my hair is suuuper thick and coarse without any smoothing products) all was well. And I took this picture and decided I love them! They’ve been a hit at work also.

I haven’t had long, full bangs (starting at the centre of my head) since I was a kid. It’s pretty fun! Now I just have to decide whether I want to keep them all the way until the wedding. (**Which, by the way, is in SEPTEMBER 2011!! Eeeeeekk!!**) If you are curious, I was decidedly inspired by the incredible hairstyles seen here. My hair is about that length and thickness, so I figured adding bangs would be a fun way of changing my hairstyle without losing length.

Um, but one warning: with thick, straight hair, these full bangs look absolutely INSANE in the morning. Like, completely messed up in the weirdest directions, looks like no hope of ever getting them back to normal… then, with one quick swipe of a comb, they’re awesome again. Heehee.

*or, for my british friends, a fringe! ♥


6 thoughts on “hair update

  1. They look really good! I’ve never had full bangs like this, because I have a very horrid cowlic. I have side swept bangs now (closest to bangs I’ve ever had) and it takes me like an hour to make them look somewhat acceptable! (I have to straighten, but kind of curled under, and hair spray, wait for the hairspray to dry, come them, spray them again, wait for it to dry, come them and repeat like 5 times LOL)

    • haha – sounds like quite a procedure!! I do love side-swept bangs also, and when I decide to grow these out I think I might try that… yours look good, and I see you wear glasses also, so I know it will work for me :) xo

  2. Hey there!

    Your bangs are looking great! To answer your question, I don’t use any “real” products in my hair. The only thing I ever use is a spritz of thermal protectant spray so my hair doesn’t get fried from blow-dryers and flat irons. I do flat iron my bangs and the rest of my head and that does the trick for a few days. I do have pretty thin and straight hair, tho! Annie.

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