my weekend

Hi! I’ve been really enjoying my time off this weekend… having a cold is horrible & prevented me from getting out as much as I’d have wanted, but I have managed to get up to a lot at home.

(there are my bangs again! They grow fast… wearing glasses sort of emphasizes their length since once they get a certain length they start to bump the top of my frames… eek!)

Yesterday I made some Skor Bar Squares, which are deelish & also super-easy to keep eating… and eating…! My mum makes them really well, and mine turned out good but I think I need to work on the proportion of crackers to chocolate. Not having “skor chipits”, I substituted actual choc bars, crushed up. And I wasn’t sure of the exact amount to use. Oh well! Nothing helps me feel better than yummy baking, heehee.

I also *did* manage to get my christmas cards mailed out (although the cost of stamps was slightly depressing). I can’t wait to start getting them in the mail!

And when I found a bag of red & green yarn, I started thinking of some small holiday knits or crocheted things to make, and ended up making a few of these!

The pattern can be found on ravelry, or here. And they’re super-quick to make, since the entire pattern is done in two rounds! So cute. I may make up some more and hang them as decorations, if we manage to think of a way to put up our tree and not have Inara-kitten destroy it.

Today I’ve been catching up on The Apprentice (I used to be pro-Clint, but he made a critical typo for which I may not be able to forgive him…) and generally lying around. It’s very nice to have nothing to do… and I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow! It’s too tempting to stay snuggled under a pile of woolly blankets in the morning.


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