christmas begins

I’ve been holding off on holiday decorating because I just haven’t really been in the mood… and also we’re super nervous about how Inara will react to a tree. But today I actually felt like putting up some things around the apartment to make it a bit more christmassy. Himself is at work, so I’ll have to wait for his reaction, but I’m pretty sure he’ll like what I’ve done.

We’ve started getting cards in the mail! And I loved our dollar-store “clothes-line” of cards last year, so I put it up again, with the addition of some decorations.

I also put some decorations in this jug, and here:

And some lights were hung up in the living room…

(They’re hard to see, but they’re little red globes that kind of look like glowy cranberries, heehee).

And some lights in the bedroom:

Inara’s craaaazy about the lights. Leela is like: oh right, I remember those from last year. meh.

Finally, I hung some lights here:

Yep. That is most certainly a “tree” of random wine bottles. The tree-thingie was free from our building superintendents when we moved in (haha) and the wine is gifted to us by Himself’s parents, and why not hang lights on it?

And that’s about all! I decided not to go for the tree when I had to pry Inara off of the string of lights, and then lift her out of a box of ornaments. Maayyybe next year would be a better idea. By then she’ll be almost two, and maybe slightly less of a crazybones kitten? (Not likely, but we can hope!)

I’ve also crocheted a little bowl, which I have filled with candy:

And a random potholder which is shaped like a bear’s head. I don’t really know why I made it!

Anyways, I have to go get ready –  my part-time job is having a staff dinner out tonight and I have to leave in about half an hour!



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