apple of my eye

We’re currently in the midst of a crazy snowfall… so I painted my nails a bright apple red to cheer me up!

It’s a L’Oreal colour, in case you were wondering, and the pigment is so rich that you can get colour that matches the bottle in just one coat. I usually use two coats anyway, since I type all day at work and my nailpolish chips quickly.

Yesterday my nails were grey, which was nice, but not nearly as cheerful. And to continue the random “apple” theme, I baked applesauce-spice cupcakes this morning for breakfast (from a Martha Stewart recipe in her cupcake book). I left out the frosting since I had no cream cheese in the fridge, but they taste super-yum just as muffins, served warm with some melted butter on. Mmmm.

Even if it keeps snowing, I’m planning to go out a bit this afternoon. I enjoy bundling up in knitwear; as long as I’m warm, I’m happy. Do you have snow where you are? xo


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