lovely holiday listing

Things I did over the holidays:

  • went thrift store shopping! Some of my best finds include a white porcelain cake/cupcake stand for $5 (!!!) {photos to follow later, seriously this thing deserves a post of its own}, a pair of adorable flats with stud buttons, and this jacket: 

  • ate lots and lots of awesome food!
  • opened christmas and birthday gifts, including the incredible handmade BOOK-PURSE, sewn & glued by Himself!!

  • got a Singer sewing machine for my birthday!!! (Thanks love) I am so terrified to use it as I have no experience, and I don’t even really get how to load the thread or whatever. BUT there’s a picture of Martha Stewart on the box and it says “Learning is Easy” so I am going to do it. With the help of a bunch of YouTube videos, I imagine (if you know of any good ones, please tell!)
  • listened to {beach house: teen dream} & {florence + the machine: lungs} over and over again –  my two new fave cds!
  • bought a skein of berrocco ultra alpaca light (50% super-fine alpaca; 50% peruvian wool) and started crocheting these lovelies…
  • (I want to add some embellishments, either pompoms or crochet flowers, but I have to make the 2nd mitt and see how much yarn I have left over. Aside: my digital kitchen scale is soooo handy for mitts! I weighed the yarn I had as I went, and since I started with 50 g, I stopped when I had about 28 g left before starting the next mitten. Smart, huh?)
  • … and we got a sony handycam from Himself’s parents, so I can make viiideoooos! yayay! (I haven’t made any since uni, but I am excited to do some now.)
  • there was a whole bunch more stuff too… but those were the big ones. Now tomorrow I have to go back to work… blerg. What did you do for the holidays?

{ps: I’m 28 now! woo!}


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