I haven’t posted in about a month… I know, life, eh? I’m in this introspective mood tonight, you know, when you think over your life so far and how different you are today from the you 2 or 3 or 5 years ago.

Anyone else feel like they have separate and wholly unconnected “episodes” in their lives that don’t really seem to have anything to do with eachother? (I guess that’s what unconnected means, haha). I’m only 28, it’s not like I’ve had years and years of experiences, but what happened to the me from university who knew how to solve wave equations? What about spending hours searching for journal articles about obscure artists to write papers on? It just feels so weird to think that I’m the same person who did all that.

It’s not even exciting or adventurous stuff either, like I don’t have a time when I was hiking the Andes or something that I look back on in amazement, I just think back to a previous job or something and am like: was that actually me? How did I get here? There’s nothing particularly bad about where I am now, there’s always things you wish for or wish were different (hello, better paying job, where are you?) but I still sort of marvel at my current life.

Then when I start thinking this way, I get all nostalgic and soppy. Does anyone have any good methods of focusing on the present and living in the moment? I hate to think I’m the kind of person who either spends too much time dwelling on the past, or wishes my life away by always waiting for the next thing to happen.

That’s all. Just… introspective. I ate an entire KitKat just now (the kind with 10 mini-pieces), so maybe it’s the chocolate. I don’t know, haha. I think I will paint my nails. xo


3 thoughts on “*introspection*

  1. I live my life in entirely separate temporal compartments too. It means I’m dreadful at keeping in touch.

    I don’t often look forward to the next thing though. You should be pleased that you do. I think that is where ambition and drive career success come from :)

    As for focussing on the present, well I over-do that. I’m always so aware of all the things that make me happy and how fragile and breakable they are… no good really.

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