currently: monday edition

I came across a fun “currently” prompt on the harvesting kale blog, and decided to give it a try. {It may or may not have something to do with t he fact that I typed out an entire post only to have it mysteriously disappear when I hit “post”. I didn’t feel like a do-over, so instead- this!}

Currently, I am:

{anticipating} the next book in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. It’s called Days of Blood and Starlight, and it comes out t.o.m.o.r.r.o.w. !! I have it on-hold at the library and am first on the list, so as soon as they get it, I get it! Got it?

{buying} a small black coffee and an orange/cranberry muffin almost daily at lunchtime. Partly because I like those things, and partly because I need to get out of the office even for a few minutes. I find that getting out into my car and driving for 3 minutes gives me a much-needed breather and enables me to face the rest of the afternoon. Does anyone else do this?

{needing} guidance and advice on my career path. I am stuck in a rut that I’m attempting to get out of, but not having a clear vision of where I’m headed (other than “away” from the current status) is difficult. I’m focusing on the positive nature of change, and feeling more in-control of my life than I would had I just kept going with the status quo, complaining but not really making any efforts to change.

{thinking} about life, in general, and how easy it is to become complacent. And then how time gets away from you and before you know it, years have passed. I’d say my life from ages 10-20 felt like an eternity, and now the past decade I’m finishing up, from 20-30, feels like it’s gone by in a heartbeat.

{ignoring} the basket of clean-but-yet-to-be-put-away laundry and the sinks of dirty dishes (but only for right now), because I’ve decided to postpone that excitement for a bit later.

Here’s the button that links back to the original “currently” theme, if you’d like to play along:


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