wish I was here


So last fall, we took a road trip from our home in southwestern Ontario to the east coast: Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was such an amazing trip – I love road trips, even short day trips, but this was one of the furthest drives I’ve taken, and certainly the furthest Himself and I have ever gone.

The photo above is of our favourite breakfast place, which we stumbled across while in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. We were served absolutely amazing meals cooked fresh to order (local blueberries and homemade bread graced my plate) and we noticed as we ate that there were a bunch of signatures on the back wall. Turns out some pretty famous people have eaten there (hello, Dame Judy Dench– whaaat the?), and they signed their names as a sort of souvenir for the owners. Too cool.

Mahone Bay was a beautiful town, which we promptly fell in love with. If you ever get the chance to visit Canada’s east coast, do stop there. I know we’ll go back again.

Lately while drifting through the day-to-day monotony of work, I enjoy reminiscing about the adventures we had, and those we have yet to experience. I love looking at our photos from that trip, and will post more with time.

We didn’t go away very far for this year’s holidays, although we did spend some lovely time in Kingston during the summer. One of the next trips we’ve been discussing, but haven’t quite had the cash for, is to Portland, Oregon. We did drive through Portland, Maine during our honeymoon, but Oregon looks really beautiful also. Plus, the tv show Portlandia reinforced the absolute greatness of Portland as a destination.

Have you been travelling lately? Or are you like me, reliving past travels with the anticipation of more to come?


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