inspire me on thursday

Sometimes I need a bit of eye-candy on the web. Here are some links to what I’m loving to look at right now:

I have entered this contest on a beautiful messmichelle chang‘s fox necklace has won my heart, tenfold!

I loved reading about Rachel Khoo’s crayfish photo shoot for a Sunday Times style feature… maybe because it brought me back to being 4 years old, and deciding I wanted to be a “fisherwoman”, solely because I wanted to wear those awesome hipwader boots. Seriously x 100. (I still window shop for those boots when Himself is in an outdoor equipment store).

I’m not sure if you know this, but Pinterest has introduced secret boards, so that you can secretly pin a bunch of stuff you’re planning to surprise a special someone with, just in time for the holidays. {Himself, if you’re reading this- what better time to join Pinterest? My birthday *is* only 4 days after Christmas…} I haven’t started yet, but I’ve got some ideas brewing…

I love the kitchen organizing tips from Martha Stewart, and speaking of Ms Stewart, have you seen the December issue of MS Living magazine? Thanks to a lovely gift subscription from my mum, my December issue arrived yesterday, and it already has me wanting to make homemade caramel candies and cover objects with glitter. Oh, and not to mention whip up a batch of marshmallow snowflakes while I’m at it.

I’ve already finished reading it, but this delightfully chilling book trailer for The Diviners makes me want to start over again from page one. It also reminded me that tons of ambitious and awesome people are participating in NaNoWriMo, which is so cool. If you’re working on a novel this week, I salute you! And I can’t wait ’til this one’s out in paperback– I hope the cover is as lovely as the hardcover version!

What’s inspiring you online this week?


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