currently {episode 2}

Hello! I missed posting yesterday, but I’m back for today’s currently update. I am currently:

{reading} Feedback, which is the much-anticipated (by me) sequel to Variant – a book I loved reading earlier this year. Well, sad to say, the sequel is so far not living up to my high expectations. It’s actually a super-quick read, I’m more than halfway through it, but I honestly have no idea what’s happening. It’s become one of those reads you just finish for the sake of finishing. In my mind, I am probably going to end up forgetting that the sequel exists. Have you read either of these books, and if so, what did you think?

{wishing} that I would be contacted by one of the jobs I’ve applied to, and that it will not be the “we are considering other qualified applicants” e-mail, but rather the “when can you come in for an interview?” email. Or phone call. Whichever; I’m not particular.

{cooking} … ahaha, I love this prompt. I rarely cook anything, being more of a food assembler. You know, putting things together and eating them. If I were to make something, it would be baked, and it would probably be these indoor s’mores, which someone brought to work last week.

{thankful} for my warm, safe apartment. Here in my neck of the woods, we did not see much stormy weather during the recent hurricane that hit eastern north america, and I’m grateful for that. So far I’ve never lived in an area that was affected by a tropical storm, and I really hope I never will. We often take our safety for granted, and aren’t reminded of how lucky we are until we see others who aren’t as lucky.

{loving} the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which we watched last night. Super-huge Bill Nighy fan right here, and also this movie is based on a novel by a really great author: Deborah Moggach. What a beautiful, fun movie! I completely recommend it. And I might grab the book as well.

Here’s the link to some more currently fun:

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