at-home latte

ImageWhat am I up to, you ask? Oh, just enjoying a gingerbread chai latte that I made at home!! (In my two if by sea mug, a souvenir from our honeymoon in Halifax). Yesterday Himself brought home a bottle of Torani gingerbread syrup, yeah, like the kind real coffee shops use! He made me a chai latte last night and this evening after I got home, I managed to steam up some milk myself and replicate the drink – yummm…

Now that we’ve got the syrup, there are apparently lots more recipes to try, so yay! I love a bought latte as much as the next gal (or more), but they are pricey. At-home lattes are just as easy, and you can customize as you like (i.e. we use lactose-free milk). 

All I did for my drink was: boil some water for the tea, and add the hot water to a mug with one chai tea bag. I filled my mug about 2/3 with water and let the tea steep. While that was going on, I steamed a teeny cappuccino mug of milk. Then I added 1 oz. of the gingerbread syrup to my tea (after removing the bag), and topped the drink with the steamed milk. 

Ever been behind someone in line for coffee and you hear them say “no foam”? What is that all about, I wonder? The foam is awesome, in my opinion. More foam, please! (At home, you can customize your foam ratio. Mine is rather high.) I’m also one of those strange people who orders my drink with lactose-free milk, but then asks for whipped cream. Well, the tastebuds want what they want, haha.

And then you simply drink & enjoy! Easy as pie. I’d show a photo of the drink itself but… it’s all finished. I’m going to snuggle up with Prince of Thorns, a decidedly un-snuggly (but excellently bloody) book. Hope you have time to relax this evening!



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