my yoga practice

I started attending yoga classes at a local studio in the summer. I’ve taken classes before, basically becoming interested in yoga in highschool (seriously, this was before you could even find a mat at like, Winners and Costco). One of my favourite classes before now was one I took at university, on Tuesday mornings before my year 2 physics class. I’ve also practised at home, using videos, dvds, and books.

I prefer classes because there’s something about knowing that the space you’re entering is for relaxing purposes, and not just your living-room floor with the coffee-table shifted out of the way. But sometimes classes can be pricey, and also if you don’t find an instructor you love, you might not enjoy them as much as practising at home.

Anyways, the studio I go to now has a great policy- rather than signing up for a session of classes at a specific time every week, you just purchase a 5- or 10- class card, and use those classes whenever you like. Love this! I never feel bad about missing a class, and I can work them into my schedule.

So I found a teacher who is amazing, and I’ve been trying to get out to her classes weekly. I go to a restorative class, and we practise a gentle flowing sequence of poses, rather than a series of static poses held for a length of time. We listen to great music (that’s where I actually discovered Alexander Ebert!) and every class, our teacher speaks about something that is related to meditation, health, stress… basically whatever I need to be hearing!

My favourite part is relaxation; we get little eye-pillows to cover our eyes with, and a blanket so we stay warm… it’s lovely and cosy.

It’s super-amazing and I highly recommend it. If you are wondering where I started with my at-home practice, I would look at the dvds and books by Rodney Yee. His style is really power-yoga oriented though, so don’t ignore the titles of the dvd workouts — when Rodney says Yoga Burn, he means BURN. Haha.


2 thoughts on “my yoga practice

  1. i took a yoga class once and LOVED the exercises but the instructor was a little too new-age for my taste. now i’m doing pilates, which is great in its own way, but i miss that relaxing aspect to yoga and how great my body would feel after yoga. hopefully one day i find a teacher as good as yours sounds!

    • yes, you really do have to find a class-style that suits :) I feel the same way about some of the other instructors’ classes – they play a lot of chant music and the whole thing feels less inviting.

      Sooo relaxing though! ~leanna

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