today i …

  • ate donuts for breakfast
  • watched an episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, a terrible show that Himself and I keep telling ourselves we will stop watching, and then go ahead and watch another one.
  • drove to a nearby city to do some shopping/browsing
  • ate noodles, veggies, and sweet potatoes in a honey-glaze for lunch (so filling!)
  • actually resisted a buy-one-get-one holiday drink promotion at Starbucks (!! I know!! — see above point for reason why…)
  • visited my parents (they made us Tassimo beverages, so it made up for missing out on the Starbucks)
  • visited Himself’s parents
  • went for dinner
  • drove home
  • watched this week’s episode of Fringe (holy mother of pearl, Peter!!!)
  • snuggled some kittens
  • wrote this list-post

I had a wonderful weekend. I hope this coming week brings more enjoyment… and possibly some good news on the job front?


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