currently {episode 3}

Hiya! The week has only begun, but I’m already tired. Bad sign? Here’s what I’m currently up to:

{hoping} … that we will indeed get some normal winter weather. I’m no fan of scraping my car’s windshield in the morning before work, but we’re having temperatures that are more like early September than mid-November. I would be okay with some light flurries. Bring on scarf-knitting weather!

{enjoying} … the fact that Inara, our little black kitty, is turning into a bit of a lap-cat! And by lap cat, I mean she will sit beside me for minutes at a time, allowing me to pet her belly and rewarding me with a few purrs. We’re lucky to have two completely personable and friendly kitties, but Inara has never been big on laps. We’ve been trying to teach her that laps are actually the comfiest of places. It (finally) seems to be working!

{inspired by} … pinterest. Particularly any images of cosy fall knitwear, plaid flannel shirts, and woolen socks. All of which can be found on the Roots Canada pinboards – particularly this one. I don’t usually take holidays in the winter (aside from a few days we get off during Christmas), but I have to admit, the photos of people wrapped up in knitwear, reading books in warm cottages do look tempting. Perhaps one year, Himself and I can steal away for a winter holiday (with cats and books, of course) :)

{listening to} … a lot of Ane Brun, whose music I discovered years ago on a car commercial. (Gotta love advertising – I can’t tell you the name of the car, but I can sing the entire song for you!) She has a new cd out, which I haven’t listened to yet, but I’ve been playing songs from her mostly acoustic album Spending Time With MorganSleeping by the Fyris River is one of my all-time favourites.

{craving} … those wonderful gingerbread chai lattes. Super-yum. That syrup will be gone in no time (but Christmas is coming!)


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