winter wishing

It’s the perfect time to start thinking of the holidays, and here are a few things I think would make the season cheerier!

winter wishing

1. The Countdown Glasses from – perfect for a party of 10, or for counting down to a special occasion.

2. Fox Ring from – the sweetest jewellery seems to feature animals, and foxes are always adorable!

3. Cherry Lush lipstick from – a matte red to get you through the shorter days this season.

4. Silver Hammered Bowl from – I’d fill it with candy, or just use it to hold jewellery.

5. Woolly Blanket from – for snuggling by candlelight, with a husband, a book, and two kittens. Or for winter picnics.

6. Tin Mug from – a retro inspired stoneware mug, for sipping hot drinks.

7. Merino Legwarmers from – luxuriously cosy, in a variety of colours.

I love shopping for holiday gifts… there’s always so many perfect things that the hard part is narrowing them down to just the few perfect items! I haven’t actually started shopping yet, but definitely have been browsing. Today was American Thanksgiving, which means the black Friday/cyber Monday crazy sales will start up soon… I don’t mind shopping when it’s busy, but I prefer the less hectic crowds. Best of luck to anyone venturing out for the holiday deals this week!



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