cold weather outfit

cold weather outfit
This would pretty much be my ideal snowy-day outfit. We were in a Club Monaco recently and I was in love with the snoods (they’re part angora, so they’re super soft) and those leather gloves — they have sweater sleeves sewn on the outside so they keep your arms warm and keep out the wind!
I’m also on the lookout for patterned winter leggings, preferably with fleecy lining. I’ve tried on a pair of fleece-lined leggings and they felt like warm blankets on my legs… so nice! The sweater-cape is also a new love of mine; I bought one similar, which is basically a blanket with a slit in the front so it hangs over your arms with room for your head/neck. It’s surprisingly comfy, and worked as outerwear for me when I added a wide belt over-top. Indoors, I use it while sitting on the couch reading, to keep warm.
We had a lot of snow today, and I ventured out of the apartment twice- once to run some errands (including picking up the second Dustlands book, Rebel Heart from the library, and finding out I’ve only got it on a one-week loan due to so many holds being placed on it. Gotta read fast!) and the second time to pick up some snacks. It wasn’t too bad out with a hat and mittens, plus my winter boots are super-warm. I did have a lot of snow blown in my face while I was dusting it off the car though… so cold!

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