currently {episode 4}

Currently, I am…

{watching} the new season of Young Apprentice. I am not a Maria fan, but am pro-Patrick, mostly because of his awesome glasses and funky style, haha. Seriously though, in one episode they were tasked with finding props for the opera, and none of the kids knew what votives were. Hmm… Ah well, I enjoy listening to Nick learning from the kids what a hashtag is.

{wishing} for the snow to stay beautiful and white. It’s early in the season, so I haven’t tired of seeing it just yet.

{waiting} for job-related news. So far the only kind that’s come is the generic “the position is already filled by someone with better qualifications.” Which is fair, the only “real” qualification I have is my teaching degree, and if I’m not applying for a teaching job, it’s true that I may not seem like I’m the best fit. But come on, someone must be willing to consider it. I’m trying to stress my work experience over my actual area of study*, which – let’s face it – doesn’t have too many real-world applications, now that I come to think of it. Oh, hindsight. (*it was combined visual arts and physics. Because I was not planning to ever have a real job.)

{wondering} what I should plan for my 30th birthday. I mean, yikes. But I’m thinking that it will come whether I like it or not, and it’s more fun to actually do something nice rather than get scared about how I’m not “in my twenties” anymore. So I have just over a month, but no firm ideas of what to do. Possibly something involving baked goods…

{worrying} about everything. Seriously, I am a born worrier. It’s one of the things I “work on”, if by work on you mean worry about. Haha. It’s one of the reasons I appreciate my yoga class, and the meditations we do during savasana (relaxation pose), and during legs-up-the-wall at the beginning of class. Often, my teacher reminds us that it’s okay to worry, but that we can also move past it by remembering that the only thing that worrying accomplishes is making us feel bad. I won’t list specific worries here, because that will just send me into a spiral of worry. Instead, I’ll remind myself gently that instead of spending time in the past and/or future, I can choose to redirect my experience to right now. In right now, there is nothing to worry about.

Hope your Monday wasn’t too brutal… mine was unexpectedly busy (at work), which made the time pass quickly, but also made my shoulders and neck tense up like crazy. Here’s to a less stressful week for us all.


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