book review: rebel heart

Rebel Heart (Dust Lands, #2)Rebel Heart by Moira Young

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the second installment in the Dustlands trilogy! Maybe it was because I’d already gotten to know the characters in book one, or the storyline was appealing, or a combination of both. At any rate, I read this quickly because I really got into it.

Saba was much more likable in this book, mostly because she had calmed down some of her strange obsessing over Lugh (thank goodness!) and she seems to be growing as well (i.e., not being quite as short with Emmi, although (view spoiler)[running off and sleeping with DeMalo while she thought Em was kidnapped was a bit harsh (hide spoiler)]).

Jack was still as lovable (to me) as before- I would have loved more Jack scenes, but the few we got were great. The beginning of the book, when he has to tell Molly about Ike’s death… that was pretty emotional.

The people I collectively thought of as ‘the gang’: Lugh, Tommo, Em, etc. were developed a bit more; though there’s something we’re not getting the full story of with regards to Lugh. The seer from the camp(Aurelia? I can’t remember her name) implied that something had happened to him while he was captured, and I believe it. Otherwise, we have to face the fact that he’s pretty much an ass.

DeMalo! Whoa, I remembered him from the first book, and I remember thinking- hmm… he is not what he seems. And turns out- he’s even less what he seemed than I expected! I liked the plotline with him and Saba, and I look forward to learning more…

I also really enjoyed getting some more details about the Dustlands, and about this future-earth that the Wrecker Generation (please don’t let it be us) has destroyed. Saba’s perspective of some things (like a pileup of old cars) is unique (she thinks it is some form of “tech-worship”). We got a few nice descriptions of the land and even weather formations, for instance the brown clouds that rain sulfur.

There was one part that I found insanely gross: (view spoiler)[ when Saba dips the bucket into that cauldron and pulls out a human face, boiling away) (hide spoiler)] but other than that, the rest of the book was really enjoyable.

I think the end was great, particularly the last three words (view spoiler)[ which DeMalo is thinking, after he has watched Saba reunite with Jack (hide spoiler)]. It really makes the third book a must-read for me, because we just know something is gonna go down.

More Jack in the next book, please!!

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