inspiring blogger award

Aw, thanks! Brooke at Just Wore This, a sweet blog with lots of cool fashion inspiration, nominated me – and now I get to share it with you!

The deal is, I will list 7 things about myself here, and then share the award with 15 other bloggers. Here goes!

7 things about me…

  1. my (married) last name is also a first name, so I have one of those confusing names like Peter George, where people sometimes don’t know what to call me. It makes for some amusing work emails. (I always want to reply back addressing that person by their last name, too!)
  2. the first time I have ever had stitches in my life was last summer, on my foot. I was 28.
  3. I’m allergic to peanuts, which causes a lot of havoc in my work-life. But that is the only nut I’m allergic to. (I also have 3 other friends my age, who I went to school with, who have the same allergy. Weird…)
  4. I don’t like country music, like the pop-country stuff they play on the radio. But I love folk music.
  5. I have only been on an airplane one time, when I was a year and a half and we flew across Canada to Calgary. I feel like I will be terrified when I do go on one again (I have a thing about long times in enclosed spaces), but I still really want to travel…
  6. the only countries I have been in are Canada and the United States. I would also love to visit (in no particular order): Spain, Italy, Scotland, England, Ireland, Brazil, Iceland, Morocco, and India. I’d better start saving for airfare now!
  7. my first long-term boyfriend also ended up turning out to be my husband. It’s pretty awesome, and I’m super-glad we met!

Now, to share the love – here are 12* blogs I visit, that I think deserve the bloggy recognition of this award:

wholelicious                      mindful evolution yoga                    the sweetness

canadian hiking photography                          catching rhye                               living is reading

  little tin bird                              a mommy’s life                       serendipities of life

 the 40 day yoga challenge                    knitted bliss                         loumms

Stop over and say hello to them if you have a chance! I’m sure you’ll love their blogs.

*I know it asked for 15 blogs, but I just chose 12. So there ;)

Thanks again for stopping by!


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